a fitting end to a fleeting nothing

i don’t want
to rot away
in a silk lined
box buried deep
in the ground
as chemicals
flood my body
my guts in a bag
my heart weighed
and tagged
separate from
the cave it called
home sweet home
away from her name
as the constant
beating engraved it
into the bone
that once protected
it from world

it is like
capturing fireflies
in a jar
never to flash
against the ebon
night sky
born of stardust
yet forever
doomed to a casket
to never see
the stars again

let the bugs
consume my flesh
a tree drive
its roots into
the dessication
eventually returning
back to flecks
of dust blowing
maybe a piece
will soar into
the atmosphere
to become a part
of a star again
to at last find
that special purpose
for which i was
yanked screaming
from the abyss
to perform
to twinkle above
and inspire some
poet’s verse

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