baker’s dozen

my friend and author, Candace Nola did a dark dozen interview with me yesterday and included a very nice review of my first collection of short stories, Notches as well. her website is fantastic as are her books.

which leads to the next pitch. Candace has invited myself and twelve other authors to be part of her inaugural anthology, The Baker’s Dozen. it is a stellar lineup of writers, and i have read a bunch of the tales included and you do not want to miss out on this. my tale is called Death, and a Donut, and it is not what you expect once the end hit.

now the pitch itself. Candace is funding this out of her pocket and has started an Indiegogo with some great tiers. i sent her an autographed copy of Hunger on the Chisholm Trail (a wendigo tale in the wild west) and (un)requited (my latest collection of poetry) to use as bait. Uncomfortably Dark Presents The Baker’s Dozen is the link, and i will repeat, this is something special and the hardcover with illustrations is going to be phenomenal.

supporting indie writers is the only way some of us ever see the light of day, and your support to me and my manic writing is always appreciated.

hugs and sloppy wet kisses from the fool


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