wasps covered the screen
as i opened the blinds
to welcome the sunrise
a mass of twitching wings
and segmented eyes glaring
perhaps seeking the warmth
permeating the glass door
to escape the chill morning
as autumn embraces the land

i watchedh
the writhing swarm
as it blocked out
the light
jaw agape
wondering if
this was a nightmare
and i still slept
perhaps the night
spent staring
at the ceiling
was a dream
or i had died
and woke to
this fresh hell

fear gripped me
tightly squeezing
my chest as i
opened the front door
would i be
in the mad wasps
stung a thousand times
as i raced
to my car
already late for
an appointment
yet semi-paralyzed
at the onset swarm
of a biblical plague

dead wasps
litter the patio
the cold
swept through
leaving clusters
of still insects
with stingers
still poised
to rain a thousand blows
and i am shaken
by my inability
to do anything
but stare

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