a gray blur

the scenery flashes
trees lose singularity
becoming solid waves of
gray speeding past me
the world is a blur
as i sit still
contemplating the next
nove as i dart in and out
of the mass of traffic

i lose track of time
as the miles tick on
entire swaths of land
blink past and i have
no recollection of them

even the music turns
into a static hum as i
tap my fingers on the wheel
half heartedly singing
while lost in the worlds
springing to life inside
my bone dome filled with
insipids sorrows

it isnt until i stop
that i realize how much
was lost on the journey
the beautiful ugliness
jumbled together into
solid lines of nothing
a copse of trees turned
into a solid gray blur
as i thread the needles
between angry bumpers
on cruise control mentally
madly seeking home

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