an internment of mortality

centipedes scratching
crawling down this blood
flecked esophageal distress
winding down along the
bands of steel restricting
oxygen to starving lungs
subverting sanguine suffering
on this sanity stricken sunday
of miseries interjected with
rabid self-inflicted sadism
insects claw just beneath
the sandpaper skin inflamed
with sicknesses alternating
from arabesque to regressed
a culmination of mental
digressions and subversively
flawed accoutrements spread
as a feast of famine induction
a hundred pointed daggers
digging into the softest bits
encouraged by the agonized
painspasms rending tenderness
into mulch in which to bury
egg sacs of untethered woe
a subtle encouragement of
restless degeneration by
the formaldehyde dreamwhispers
of scurrying forms digging
ever deeper into the slow
motion rigor mortis of whim

yearning to slough away the rot
to expose the insidious spectacle
of remaining hopeful in this
never ending abyss of pain,

i am both the corpse of hope
and the centipede crawling ever
forward into the darkness of
this internment of mortality.

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