the crow is pondering life

a bird is stuck
one note
rings loudly
over and again
a cry
a whistle
or a squawk
i cannot tell

i dressed
and crept
along the buildings
seeking the
source of the
awful commotion
fearing it was
badly injured

then i saw it
sitting on a branch
so small yet
so very loud
seemingly unhurt
yet wailing

so i asked it
what was wrong

it didn’t answer
birds don’t speak
english well
except parrots
and this was
no parrot
it was a crow
and when it
cocked its head
and gazed at me
for the first time
in at least
half an hour
i saw something
uncomfortably close
to existential dread

we stared at each other
for a few moments
and then it flew off

it understood
life is meaningless
but at least
it is quiet now

crow – 1
void – the rest

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