dappled in gray sunlight

the aether shakes
as a wellspring of
irradiated insolence
erupts into being
as these thoughts of
self insignificance
flood the banks with
the silence of thought
i exhale sorrows
as every inhalation
levies an iruption of
anxieties and loathing
shimmering the webs
crisscrossing my mind

there is a spider sitting
perched in the dark of
my cavernous skull
patiently wating for
incidental happiness
before sucking every drop
and leaving the strung corpses
of withered dreamshit
to litter my every thought

an infusion of gloom
an iruption of dysfunction
suffusing sunlight in
photo-negativity leaving
blanched reminders of
previously weathered storms
as the world erupts in
shades of remorseful gray

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