derail me

i need you to lay across the tracks in my mind and derail this train of thought, this locomotion belching a black cloud of despair across the scenic landscapes in my mind

maybe i am too in touch with my feelings, feeling this never ending feeling of sorrow as this emptiness crashes like an invisible wave against the flood plain of existence

it’s quiet, the too silent silence of squeaking gears grinding to a hold, of no one shoveling coal into the furnace and the pistons gradually seizing into place, this combustion engine cools

throw yourself across the treated lumber and hammered steel of desperation that screams into the night like the fearful screech of a bird of prey, i pray that i am not the prey at play as talons rip

curled into a ball of sobbing nothing in the vast blanket of tumultuous turmoil inherent in the fool left to his own devices, divisive and dangerously low on fuel to navigate the home stretch

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