realized the old name didn’t suit the new frame

the dystopian adventures in dating long dead and buried

settled into a solitary lifestyle

just a couple hundred acres of imaginary flatland

and free range philosophy

none of that preconceived nonsense they sell in the stores

a land of perpetual dusk

just the hint of the northern lights

that failing sunlight that takes on an amber tinge

feels heavier somehow

more substantial

you can follow the dust motes that lazily dance on the wind

here the only penny doesn’t buy a thought

it is a down payment for the ferryman

hopes and dreams are baubles on display

rememberances of a long ago time

no photos line the walls

just the occasional crack in the facade caused by shifting foundations

an oscilloscope waveform of settling instead of pursuit

the biting sand just the worn out remnants of what almost was

but never bloomed

just built a layer of venomous barbs to protect the dessicated innards

the dreamer settles on writing because in the end there is a tangibility to the grief and hollowness

not another stain on the sheets

or scar on the flesh

riding that same wave

seeking an average of causality

affecting effectually

then rather than now

easing into another run at rock bottom

limbering up for the leap of no faith

fallacies of phalluses

fake the funk on a photonic frequency

canned applause from the live studio ambulance

ambulatory absolution

stuck on alliterative allusions


we’re running out of time here

the fabrege egg and the swarovski crystal frame have structurally unsound flaws

inherently interwoven by the fumbling hands of creation and evolution

the die have been cast

if you’re reading this it is already too late for me

save yourself

and delete my browser history

rising from the ashes like a phoenix with incontinence and mild delusions of pander

grass roots polling

mainstream opinions

rancid grease in the drain

rebranding in an effort to seem hip and fresh

lure in the children with my ode to hamelin

a lone lighthouse


abandon faith

cast aside the lower case t of dispersion

take up the viola

or bassoon

first chair in the orchestra of the damned

new name same insipidly drawn out lullaby

sleep now

they’ll be here soon with flamethrowers

so quick to burn the vermin with no regard to interspecial development

when they speak of us they will do so with lowered voices and fear

an infectious inflection

cowardice and vice

we were never here

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