spinning plates

an amateur plate spinner
moving on intuition
between the poles
sensing a wobble before
the dishware
a chain reaction
leading only to
like a sparrow
feeling the atmospheric
pressure dip
a sign of a storm
early warning
letting them take wing
letting him move
from pole to pole
seeking to keep
the entire world spinning
at the brink of

last night
i felt the wobble
everything felt fine
the normal exhaustion
from three hour naps
the words became soup
and i could sense
the plate tettering
a rebound headache
echoing from the depth
of my inner hell
a shift in pressure
fight or flight
sleepy pills
and a forced
good night

no professional level
center ring
pride of the big top
plate spinner ready
for the spotlight
but a fluffy
afraid of the
feeling thunder
rumbling off
heartshivered ache
amateur at
the very best
standing barefoot
on broken porcelain
bloody trails
frantically running
seeking a solution
only beset by problems
as the world wobbles
sending it all
crashing down
to shatter
a migrational
an amber alert
an amateur
forced into the spotlight
faulty intuition
leading ever
from safety.


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