mockingbirds cry false

they say
is the most
sincere form
of flattery
which is

with imitation
you have two
clear paths

you embarrass
by showing off
your own


you create
a work that
whatever was
your inspiration

while i
have not been
all around
the world
i have been
around the block
a few thousand
and only
a very small
ever do
what it is
they set out
to accomplish

it is why i
am a firm
believer in
finding your
own voice
rather than
making yourself
a caricature of
someone else
trying to do
the same


5 thoughts on “mockingbirds cry false

      1. “There is a certain Bird which has the faculty of mimicking the notes of every other songster, without being able himself to add any original strains to the concert. As one of these Mocking Birds was displaying his talent of ridicule among the branches of a venerable wood, “‘Tis very well,” said a little warbler, speaking in the name of all the rest, “we grant you that our music is not without its faults; but why will you not favour us with a strain of your own?”
        Comes from the fables of Aesop

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