mockingbirds cry false

they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery which is honestly absolutely bullshit with imitation you have two clear paths you embarrass yourself by showing off your own shortcomings or you create a work that transcends whatever was your inspiration while i have not been all around the world i have been around […]


the sweet scent of happiness fills the ever winding corridors wildflower with a hint of honey and citrus notes of spring the heady smells fill the heart interlace through the cobweb soulstuff lingering a balm that softens scars illuminates secret pockets of joy in the crevices to be savored at a later time alas, even […]

anything else is a bonus

i have come to accept the idea i may never walk on mars i may never be the first astronaut cowboy president of the united states i most likely won’t star in a movie or write a bestseller or discover atlantis that’s okay i found my voice and a handful of people take pleasure in […]