stunt cock

i was in a little town a nameless little stain on the roadmap the gaslight had been on for the last twenty miles my legs were squeezed tight as my bladder screamed out for relief i pulled into the gas station started to pump the gas and then did a fast walk inside the store […]

the bullfrog and the booger

her second (third? fourth?) chin swelled like a bullfrog in heat as she looked down her bulbous nose at me unaware or uncaring of the snot waving with every heaving breath. can i take your order i carefully folded the menu set it on the table trying not to flinch as visions of the green […]

snippets from the trailer park

I was outside, thinking maybe I needed to get moving to jumpstart this hazy day. The neighbor was picking up still serviceable butts off the ground as his little shit machine did its job while glaring at me. He smiled and offered me a drag off the crooked Kool 100 someone had wasted half of. […]


Peter felt sleepy. The fear had slowly ebbed away from his heavy limbs. The days events drawing quietly away to dissipate like the early morning mist over the trees. The trip to the jungle. The savages attacking. Being tied up and put into the giant pot. Watching them laugh as he squirmed against the rough […]


As the first shovelful of dirt rained down upon the wooden lid, he began to stir. The sound of thunder crackled above. He could see nothing. His arms pinned to his sides. At first he thought it was rain, sleep paralysis. Then his hands found the satin lining. The darkness became suffocating. He worked his […]

holy shenanigans

they called him the Scaleless Demon his relentless quest to kill their entire kind was well known across the entire isle they were hunted slain no parley no reasons given just endless slaughter they were trapped the waters were a certain death as much as him as the last was murdered the island cleansed the […]


the steady clop of hooves across the uneven cobblestone streets, echoing through the morning as the sun burns away mist a vision astride a white stallion, draped demurely only in long golden hair, led by a stern figure in black with her eyes cast down godiva, godiva, the wife of the lord, riding nude through […]

for edgar

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. – Edgar Allen Poe stumbling alone on this muddy path, the pregnant moon the only light, heart racing and labored burning breath i saw something i should not have, a creature feasting, bloody mouth and ragged claws, the personification of death my […]

second favorite flower

she walked in like she owned the place she may have how in hell would i know the difference she came over sat at the table next to me and stared at me like i was some kind of stain on the chair cushion she pulled out a pack of smokes and carefully tapped one […]

just another kill

she was aromantic i’m unfortunately a romantic i didn’t know the other side of the coin existed and she can’t really tell i do either i saw her from across the room my heart did a somersault in my chest my palms got sweaty my throat grew tight she saw me looking and just stared […]