spread thick

there is poetry spread thick across my tongue in my agate gaze the entire world has a hidden cadence i do not recall the last time i had a normal thought lost in seeking the connection between syllables there is poetry thickly spread across your skin my pale pink tongue longs to taste every word […]

my bonnie

i would pick you up and we could just hit the highway, spin a pencil and go where it points, leave the cares of out former lives behind stop at a sporting good store and shoplift some ski masks go on a spree rob a jeweltry store to get matching rings, like mickey and mallory […]

corpse blossoms

sitting alone on the roof of my car in the middle of nowhere watching as the world ends around me it wasn’t the brimstone and fires of mythos no unshackled tentacle faced creature crawled from the abyss the skies were clear with no ever growing meteor streaking down turns out the end of the world […]