my bonnie

i would pick you up and we could just hit the highway, spin a pencil and go where it points, leave the cares of out former lives behind

stop at a sporting good store and shoplift some ski masks

go on a spree

rob a jeweltry store to get matching rings, like mickey and mallory

go to a bank and get enough cash to last a couple weeks

ditch the car, set it on fire and steal a new one

i could switch plates at whatever hotel we decided to hide in

hold hands, turn up the radio and race the setting sun

i would call you boo, and threaten anyone that got in your way, stomp them in the mud for disrespecting my love

race out of town just ahead of the law, my hand on your thigh as you drive, gently squeezing, lost in you, ignoring the flashing lights falling farther behind

find an abandoned house off the beaten trail and spend the summer hiding out

i would learn to live off the land, hunt for our dinner

burn it down as we move on

nothing but blackened timber to mark our time there

see the sights, dress up and hit the casinos in vegas, every eye on you as we case the joint

get a suite with a view of the city and make love in front of the floor to ceiling windows

everytime we see a security camera i would pull you in and kiss you until i took your breath away

as they report our exploits on the news every still frame will be our lips locked together

bonnie and clyde of the modern age, two gangsters on the run

and all around people would be jealous of us, write stories of our love the rules cannot contain

free and together against the world

and when it comes to the end

a showdown outside a bank

as the bullets rain down from all sides

i’ll shield you from the storm

as the smoke clears, in my dying breath, i’ll whisper i love you as the light fades from my eyes

but don’t you she’d a tear, my demoness, my better half, because if i can die for you i’ve done it right

we showed them hell, and we lived in heaven, and that’s more than most get

more than most deserve

and you were worth every bit

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