the screenpixelatesfaces are transposeddialogue stuttersas canned laughterwarblesi sittransfixedas this glimpseinto hellis unfoldingexerting itselfinto realitythe windacting as adivinationof distorteddreamterrorsvoices rageon multipleregisterssanity beginsto fracturei seek thehidden meaningthe unholytreatisein the scrambledscenes thatdraw howlsfrom the freshlycaptured audiencedamned soulsbegging for releasetormented byreruns thatnever rannot in thisbiting satireof demonicpossessionthe sheerabsurdity ofrandom tortureas projectedthrough electric eyes


if not for the irregular thump of the ceiling fan the world is so still for a long moment i am alert the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end a chorus of cats fucking somewhere in the bushes startles the world to life again but not really it is all subdued […]

one a.m. fire drill

jagged glass across the inner ear scraping lines of gray matter with claws extended flashing lights impending doom the fire alarm is broken like my sleep the hotel is a cacophony of all the sins i have cast like lines of barbed wire down my soul

gates of heaven and hell

the gates to heaven shook as his heart threatened to escape the confines of his chest pearlescent bricks turned to shrapnel to tumble down through the clouds meteors crashing to the earth shuddering with every impact as his breath caught in his throat agony ecstacy wrapped in a death grip as his stomach dropped to […]


hell is a reward for a life half lived, heaven is reserved for those who could muster enough to crawl across the finish line an amateur demonologist with a minor in third degree burns studying the affect of cages and hearts on tempered urges death is for the living while dying is sport for some, […]

sea monkeys

i bought a packet of sea monkeys just the other day got a fishbowl followed the instructions at day three i saw movement day seven showed a newly formed democracy day fifteen had technological advances so complex i felt shame and wonder it is now day fifty six they watch my every move i find […]

if you asked

i don’t wish your lover would die but if he had an accident i wouldn’t be overwrought with sorrow i would never raise a fist in anger but if he truly made a mess i would be on a plane to you by tomorrow call it jealousy or just need but before bed i pray […]


it sometimes feels like this self imposed hell is training for the afterlife except in hell i will be surrounded by all those i have loved i’ve broken down so many times the functional times are off putting i would give you all that i am but we both know you deserve so much better […]

lessons in hell

learning how to be alone was one lesson in it’s own selfish hell to teach oneself learning to accept it as the new normal was an entirely different hell all together it’s funny in the saddest sobbing laugh because it eases the ache way hell is a decidedly human conceit one dabbed behind the ears […]

a vision of hell

it begins with static disharmonious off time drums and then a scream it can only be described as pained every instrument played in a different time signature and the screaming the room is pure white so purely white wall floor ceiling indistinguishable it is as if floating except the feel of the floor beneath walls […]

flight plan

the flight was delayed a half an hour then we boarded and sat for half an hour and then they had us get off and asked for volunteers to stay but i remembered feeling the plane move did we take off crash as i was sleeping and then begin a loop of flying and waiting […]


the crowing of a rooster woke me it can’t be dawn yet but time works different down here i look through the window and see the skeletal beast staring back at me the cavern my home lies in is pitch black except for the occasional flood of lava those are the good days the hordes […]


i have taken to drinking bleach in an effort to whiten the lies, to soften the cries, in the hopes the agony dies misery loves company yet i always find myself alone ironic in the sense irony is irrationally less iron than silt tragedy breeds insolence and apathy, but i could care less, a self […]


i don’t care anymore she is a myth, a manifestation of my sorrow and loneliness she can fuck right off along with the rest of the world checking out stop the ride i want off i’m sorry but i’m not just done with it all thanks for all the nothing trapped within a glacier of […]

my bonnie

i would pick you up and we could just hit the highway, spin a pencil and go where it points, leave the cares of out former lives behind stop at a sporting good store and shoplift some ski masks go on a spree rob a jeweltry store to get matching rings, like mickey and mallory […]


when i was born it took three nurses to get the doctor to stop hitting me it wasn’t until they sprinkled holy water on me that i started to cry a bellowing roar that shook the entire hospital my mother’s soul died on the delivery table they called it at thirteen hundred hours and thirteen […]

didn’t say a word

remember when i said i love you the words spilled across the silence of the room and just hung there the stillness of it all you looked like a deer in headlights and I could see you seeking any exit any path away from those three little daggers aimed at your heart shot with the […]


lost in these ever changing mazes of chain link fences and angry men in hard hats showers of sparks and spent water bottles like a bread crumbs left by pollutant little children it’s already too hot sweat dripping from the twenty minute walk from rental car to machine humidity and stagnant air make it all […]

agave and cacti buttons

i’m in the mood to burn it all down set it on fire and run away a villa in mexico maybe sipping sangria with senoritas farm agave and make my own tequila blanco diablo distillery guarantee dysentery to the first ten thousand customers not feeling the happy side of the street lately someone ground up […]

spirit writing

feiluan, the flying phoenix jiangluan, descending phoenix fuluan, support the phoenix with deft swirls and unbidden motion across the ash of the dead the forest of my mind dancing the ocean in my veins pulsing the desert of my heart shifting the ten yama kings occupy the maze of my rebirth testing and throwing ruin […]

burnt offering, words

i stand in the shadows of greatness an inability to express in fumbling words the feelings that burn, freeze, strike and shatter words are my trade and traitorous they have become leaving me stripped bare, nerves exposed, pounding salty tears how do you move forward when the past weighs so heavily, crushingly, hooks tearing the […]

Business for Demons, primer one

“Berry, get me a coffee with two sugars and have those twits in accounting send me the latest spreadsheets yesterday.” I just nod. Already on my phone sending the twits a message as I head to the break room to grab the coffee. I can only imagine the scrabble as they try and put together […]