agave and cacti buttons

i’m in the mood to burn it all down

set it on fire and run away

a villa in mexico maybe

sipping sangria with senoritas

farm agave and make my own tequila

blanco diablo distillery

guarantee dysentery to the first ten thousand customers

not feeling the happy side of the street lately

someone ground up unhappy pills and put them in my daily suppository needed to process the bullshit of daily life

just grab your ankles

this be over soon

the desperate need to spill the words out before i die

leave a legacy of mediocrity for future generations to ignore

someone will find these words and co-op them with the deft touch of talent

everyone on the road around me is in such a hurry

racing to be ground to dust

i’m going slow

dreading my final destination

is that work or hell

i don’t know the difference anymore

how do you differentiate

it’s too hot


my coworker would rather see me eviscerated than smiling

did i die in my sleep and just picked up

business as normal

if you want hopeful go back a month or two

i’m sure there is joy somewhere

or more pandering lines to attract her attention

didn’t work then

won’t now

run away

disappear into the desert

somewhere with those special little cactus buttons

spend my days sweating in the fields

the nights in another state

hard to define reality when you can’t do anything but drool

my escape plan

vanish before they kill me

silence the illiterate

and then in a flash of smoke

i’m gone

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