flash sale

i put myself up for sale on ebay

fully functional human replicant

some assembly required

will to live not included

weird motor sensory glitch

thinks words sing to him

hard factory reboot recommended

full system wipe suggested

always a surprise when turned on

some scarring

came that way

not self induced

*may in fact be self induced

no refund upon purchase

do you never want to guess what your drone is thinking

the manic mess 2000 is just for you

incapable of not speaking his mind

as vacant and vapid as it may be

well worn in like a gravel road

not attractive but cheap

not talented but willing

will to live not included

house broken

heart broken

mind’s badly bent

desperate to relocate

serious inquiries only

16 thoughts on “flash sale

  1. Hahahaha your silliness is appreciated. But weep not. You need not be bought. You are already owned. You have no right to offer up for which is not yours. The baby is sleeping, it doesn’t know to play with you yet. But if you wait long enough, you’ll know.. you are already owned.


      1. near peoria…tremont…or five miles south of tremont. near the mackinaw river? turn right before the road ends at the broken bridge & there you are.

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      2. peoria is renowned for its culture & class. i’m a tremont turk. i moved away the week i graduated high school…but thirty years later i’m here again? my life very well may be an episode of the twilight zone. i’m waiting just waiting for rod serling to wrap it up by saying something profound.

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