salt water

i only drink salt water

the only things i need to replenish are tears and sweat

save the desalinated water for those that deserve it

only eat food past it’s expiration date

no point in fresh

i like meal worms

nutritional value through the roof

i scurry from the light you shine like a cockroach

don’t do sugar

just salted crackers and saline solutions to outdated issues

easier that way

the only medicine i take is formaldehyde to keep dead tissue pliable

three injections daily directly into my cardiac nerve

keeps the morticians guessing

so i only drink salt water

straight from the ocean itself

plankton and shark piss is good for the soul you’ve sold for pennies on the dollar

seemed fair at the time and like a steal now

5 thoughts on “salt water

  1. When you live on an island and it is necessary to swim in the tides of the salty brine and tossed ashore by current tremors… tears are nothing. Blood is the source. Do not degrade yourself to such disgusting filth. True necromancer, the take the path of the red.


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