it was humbling and an honor

yesterday was a special day for the poet illiterate

two wonderful poets took my words and made them into something beautiful

it’s funny

see i post my rampant thoughts in the assumption no one will notice

and instead

art was made from them

i don’t know how to describe the feeling

even in floundering verse and profanity laden tirade

someone connected to it

i didn’t expect it

and it makes me feel funny

i’m just a fool

taking acid etches of my misspent and often misspelled mental degradations

and these silly little personal slices of an already paper thin soul seem so meaningless when compared to real art

i take inspiration these real poets and garble meanings behind poorly written metaphorical meanderings

sitting on scaffolding a couple hundred feet in the air

and spitting thoughts from ground level

but maybe

just maybe

if i can set someone’s mind to running

it could be worth it after all

set someone’s heart to racing

tap into an adrenal gland now and then

well hell

i’ll have to keep on writing

that could be the whole point


worse comes to worse

i can always try and write hallmark cards

my condolences on your loss

but we all sort of thought you were a shitty person

love everyone in accounting

or not

i was still honored anyway

happy birthday

you’re getting a card because


the thought of putting more effort into doing something for you is




your family

7 thoughts on “it was humbling and an honor

  1. I can hear you. I can see you. You’re not alone. The voices speak through us and to us and it gets confusing being here sometimes.
    Thank you. For sharing. Your process. It’s messy.
    Thank you.


  2. I think it’s very easy to diminish the things we do personally. For ourselves reading or writing, there is nothing enigmatic about what we’ve done. We are always vulnerable and stripped bare before our own selves, or those of us who are introspective and intuitive, so our own brand of art seems less than beautiful. Much less.

    It’s an unusual thing to bare witness to ourselves through another’s eyes and while we’d prefer to discount it I suppose it’s not really fair of us. It’s what they see, what they felt. respectfully so. 🤗❤️

    This brilliant manic word depot is quite a melting pot of many attractions. All stemming from a beautiful mind that can create powerful images and emotions with a pen or keyboard. Deal with it, it’s your lot, 😉😋


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