a moment

she stares at me with huge brown eyes that shimmer like a black hole drawing me into the powerful gravitational pull of eternity my every urge is to wrap my arms around her neck and hug her tightly to accept her gift of pure innocent affection with no ulterior motives we stare for the entire […]

nude refra(i)n

i keep the blinds closed as i struggle to remain clothed it is too damned hot to be dressed too damned cold for nudity so i choose to follow the path life has chosen for me a donkey carrot/stick/combination for the ages anonymity impersonality alternating between too many blankets(statements or otherwise)too much flesh(floppy bits and […]


he built a scaffold out of the ivory bones of affection used it to scale down to tap the reflection of the moon in the bottom of the sea the coral cut and snagged his suspenders, suspended in the waters, neon pink daydreams of high colonic dismay a diorama menagerie of carefully sculpted plankton beside […]