within the apex of heartthorne lies the municipality of inward facing space filled to overflowing with retributive angst long winded diatribes unsubstansive the respites reverse polarity forming a rhombus filled with spite


the earth shudders beneath my feet the building trembles and the oceans seem to pull themselves as far from shore as possible in an instant calm falls all falls silent a pressure seems to be mounting can feel my heartbeat in my ears the reverberation sets off alarms panic rises and the air feels thick […]

yet no sound is whispered from now broken lips

the words are taking on new shapes and singing in a different tone where once there was hope and security now lies the pitious bones of a former skeletal haze the earth is marred by clumsy handfuls flung in furious motion a grave in the place of a flower bed the sweet scent of honeysuckle […]