synaptical misgivings

i just needed five minutes to stop running to stop being chased a soft chair a cup of coffee free internet the basic necessities as promised by the constitution most likely as i collapse on the chair waiting for the bean slinger to milk those browned berries for maximum caffeinated returns i notice the slack […]

black coffee

the coffee is black with notes of cinnamon bitter to tongue pleasant to palate her lips were sweet like fresh berries but her tongue tasted acrid like dreams gone to dust the coffee is black with notes of cinnamon but today i long for cream or possibly a bit of sugar her eyes like diamonds […]

asked for a sign, got a broken bottle of hot sauce instead

feverish need for coffee, freezing and desperate for relief stumble half drunken sober steps shaking from waves of sickness fresh filter, run water, got grounds, doing fine sprinkle cinnamon, hint of vanilla, dash of salt, let’s percolate clumsy elbow, paying no attention, hear the shatter dismay bottle of hot sauce across linoleum, an ocean of […]

one thing

every morning i hear her outside talking on the phone as her little dog sniffs and pisses on everything she complains endlessly about how all men are pigs and only are after one thing she moved in three months ago above me the little dog runs back and forth, nails skipping and scraping across the […]

tuesday blues, words

i’ve cracked the code yesterday was a miserable day of exhaustion and three tap dancing rhinos in my skull coupled with a long day at work i was in misery so i ate four tylenol pm at seven and promptly passed out at eight and nearly stayed comatose the entire night it wasn’t good sleep […]

coffee and Her, words

the coffee maker hisses and spits in my head it is a seven foot south american hissing cockroach pissing into the pot woke up with one of those cluster headaches again well originally woke up to the headache kicking my ass in triple time but spoke with Her so between the flutters and excitement of […]