coffee and Her, words

the coffee maker hisses and spits

in my head it is a seven foot south american hissing cockroach pissing into the pot

woke up with one of those cluster headaches again


originally woke up to the headache kicking my ass in triple time but spoke with Her

so between the flutters and excitement of Her the headache was a mild distraction

like making love as a parade goes down the hall outside the room

you know the parade is there, the kiwanis and their go karts and fezs honking and waving

young miss something or other standing in the back of a cadillac waving to her adoring masses

but you are balls deep and she is scratching your back and moaning how she is about to come and your singular focus is making sure she does

marching band be damned

it was like that

sort of

my singular focus was on Her

once she had gone back to whatever it is she was doing and i was alone with my thoughts the mistress, the leather clad bully with the ball gag who doesn’t like being ignored applied the screws

she chose to ignore the safe word

what is the point in setting up a safe word if she is just going to paddle me harder when i use it

so i ate a couple aspirin

not at all aspiring

and let the kettle drum poind me into oblivion

i need Her to hold the pain at bay i realized when my eyes opened and pain ruptured the good parts of my brain

but i feel like an abused puppy that really likes the new house but is afraid of doing something that will get me sent back to the pound where the other dogs love to eat my food and shit on my bed

i am tentative

so i feed the giant bug grounds and wait until it is done masticating them into the sludge needed to almost face the day

sit on the couch with an arm over my eyes as those goddess damned birds sing about some aimless idiocy

lock my mind on to Her, and the words begin to harmonize with the hissing

laying in my gray boxers and white t-shirt with the picture of a sloth with a unicorn horn that says become your dreams

i just want to be with mine

Her ability to make everything better with just a couple words and a smiley face

instead i will follow the notes of the three songs as they seek to knock out a tooth and blacken an eye


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