haikus, gesuindheit

the butterfly moves

rippling cocoon, weakened wings

winter fades to spring

his heart is shattered

the lazy malaise of loss

another dead dream


coming together as one

but not for this one

the ice covers all

but beneath blossoms find life

her garden of love

bloody remnants fall

the last ache of loves refrain

ash coats the wet ground

mixed up in my head

triumph and tribulation

another ruin forms

the coffee is black

like the stained weary soul

absolution lost

am i a poet

or a fool just rambling on

i do not know now

Her wings, gossamer

his cloven hooves, destruction

life and death, raining


4 thoughts on “haikus, gesuindheit

        1. i really like haikus. never tried before except in school a million years ago. there is something freeing in the forced structure. makes me concise. i wrote another dozen or so with these. they just kept coming.

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