the fool ferments again: vinegar

In my new exploration in cooking, I’ve grown obsessed with uniting the five flavors in each dish. My latest facet has been focusing on acidity. The perfect counterpoint to sweet but so often neglected. Tomatoes are a great source in typical meals. But I want to move past basics. So vinegar. A two step fermentation […]

The Fool Ferments update

Look at this beauty. The fermentation is bubbling. A lush foam rises when tamping. This is day four of the process, and after a sample, it is delicious. I’m going to let the magic continue for a day of two longer. love me

sauerkraut (the fool ferments)

Hey there beautiful people. Let’s do something different. Let’s ferment. We are making sauerkraut. It’s so easy. Two ingredients. Half hour tops. You need a three pound head of cabbage. And a teaspoon and a half of coarse salt Shredded Add the salt. It seems like too small an amount. It is enough. Then squeeze […]

sunday dinner

chopping onion smashing cloves of garlic for dicing water as salty as the sea meatballs float in the sauce the noodles bob in the bubbling pot a quarter cup of the starchy salty water to help thicken the sauce before being mixed thick slices of buttery garlic spread bread toast gently in the oven the […]

dinner for one

standing in the kitchen panfrying breaded pork chops pookie baby blaring through the apartment oil pops in the pan and maybe a shirt was a good idea baggy boxers and pushed down black socks with a hole large enough for an errant big toe to slip out beat an egg with hot sauce and milk […]