we were two errant stones tossed into the turmoil of every day but when you crashed into me suddenly i had to ponder the randomness of it all


it all comes crashing down eventually we build our foundations on sandy soil it only takes one good storm then the walls shift any change inclement patterns develop next thing you know you are on your hands and knees sifting through the remanants wondering where it all went wrong it’s raining here

one about trains

she has this ability to derail my train of thought, to collapse the tunnel and rend the tracks from the earth she is the light at the end, barrelling towards me with no regard to decorum or my fleeting sense of self just the billowing black smoke of inevitability, signals i cannot read wafting high […]


been sitting ready for half an hour coiled and ready to strike the day drinking water and purifying my mind for the trauma about to come another day another disaster waiting in the wings about to face my fears of leaving the nest and falling to my death in a spiralling plummet reserved for the […]