i churn the ugliness i see in the mirror out the window all around me into pellets of melancholic beauty that i spit over the fence to grow like weeds just out of sight infusing each poetic mumbling with a sense of self worthlessness at odds with my all encompassing love for her the scent […]


it is hot hot hot as hell as piss (hotaspissinhell) it is hot. for the love of god it is cold cold as hell (freezingfrigidteethchattering) it is so very cold. tepid turgid tropic turmoil. none all i do not know not really. it is cold cold cold cold and i feel so consumed by these […]


when she smiled at me across the too long couch i cannot help but wonder at the subtle differences between need, desire and obsession she is a summer storm that runs across my every thought, my every dream, my every waking moment of exquisite shattered loneliness she reassembles me, only to break me apart in […]

The other shoe tends to drop

Hello dear readers The world is shaky at best right now. This morning I was informed our hours would be cut at work. As someone barely making it check to check, this is something I can not survive. And I’m not the only one struggling. I don’t know what I am going to do to […]