i have read countless tales of people that faked their deaths to collect life insurance or as simple as just disappearing always anxious looking over their shoulders for johnny law or someone from back home it sounds nearly as exhausting as how i fake being alive. fucking amateurs. try seeking one single solitary reason to […]


rip van winkle had the right idea feels as if i could sleep a couple decades yet somehow still wake up needing another hour or two go to bed early wake ten times in the night a series of cat naps over months leaves exhaustion as the the only end

too tired to sleep

exhaustion like a robe made of angry ants wrapped around the pink skin of too much scrubbing to remove the stain of soul deep sin so tired that sleep excuses itself to the other room to drink whiskey while soft jazz plays plucking notes of longing from the emptiness to build a nest in the […]

doesn’t matter to me either

and i just stood in the shower the water washing the sweat and dirt from my tired body my head against the cool tile of the wall bah doesn’t matter to the kittens stalking prey in the talk grass outside doesn’t matter to me either my mind near shutting off as the streams bombarded my […]