lost in the forest

i left a trail of breadcrumbs so i could retrace my steps following the splatters of bird shit behind me discarded feathers from the murder of crows as they peck the eyes out of common sense in these desolate woods the only grim tale of horror that matters is the one where this world is […]


the man had tried every poison and trap possible but everyday at one that mouse came back climbing up the clock it was taunting him the little bastard but he had been down a similar path before learned from his past mistakes he had blinded the three rats the first time the flute worked too […]

atop her ivory tower

she stood on the balcony of her lonely tower wondering if her hair was long enough to allow her prince to climb up and save her she did the calculations of tensile strength compared to the mass of a heavily armored body if she braided it the whole would be stronger and less likely to […]

happily (n)ever afters

i like fairy tales because against all facts to the contrary in the real world they have happy endings evil is vanquished true love prevails everyone lives happily ever after life is nothing like that though evil tends to triumph the valiant knight gets cancer the princess tends to run away with the bad guy […]