seventy seven

never before have i had such a clear account of the bastards reigning in incompetence scrambling to save their careers as children and the elderly sit in silence waiting for help and the only weapon i have is my words is my frustration as i huddle in the car shivering from the sorrow of being […]

garden in lethe

watering the flower garden with this rusty can filled near to overflowing from the slow moving occasional river that snakes through my dreaming mind each bud opens in a fit of forgetful hues to greet the overcast sky the color of old bruises with gentle breaks in nebulous gray letting slivers of golden beams little […]

accumulated dust

she disinfects herself of any scrap of me with her antiseptic smile fast across the countertop of indignant misunderstandings I may have been an anchor around her waist but we both knew she was the goddamned rope tethered between hope and my third rib so when she tells everyone she didn’t feel a thing it’s […]

a tease of (un)fettered, van gogh’s other ear

i will never make truly beautiful art women won’t sigh their hearts won’t skip a beat their breath catch in their throats at my words i’ll never be matisse rembrandt whitman braugtigan neruda or bukowski my name will never be uttered in hushed tones but still i write destined to be forgotten van gogh’s other […]

common divinity

been forgotten the ill gotten gains of the rotten nectar of ambrosia spilled from the trembling lips of divinity to slither across the land like serpents of desire my mind aches yet it pains me to medicate to deviate to contemplate a world where the agony doesn’t linger like the last listless kiss of love […]


the lone lightbulb hangs from the wire sways on the errant wind of ghosts dancing in the murkiness of the basement with cracked concrete floor and the pervading scent of mold of mildew of coppery hints at hidden nefarious deeds done in the faint light of the incandescent bulb the shadows stretch angrily as the […]


the world paused as his wax wings slowly began to melt from the heat of the day had he flown just higher instead of heeding the false warnings he would have felt the colder air instead he sat upon a thermal and felt as the honey comb oozed down upon his shoulders and as the […]