garden in lethe

the flower garden
with this rusty can
near to overflowing
from the slow moving
occasional river
that snakes through
my dreaming mind
each bud opens
in a fit of
forgetful hues
to greet
the overcast sky
the color
of old bruises
with gentle breaks
in nebulous gray
letting slivers
of golden beams
little vacant
i love yous
from the outer edge
of space and time

every errant drop
upon the
weathered flesh
a momentary lapse
in remembrance
every new bloom
a forgotten smile
the fragrance
on the wind
a catastrophe
of faded loves
a despair
of lost kisses
left to melt away
into the silt
gravelled detritus
for the fish
to lay roe
in this sediment
of forgotten sentiment
left to sink
in the reticent
currents of hesitant

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