Crotch Full of Halloween

“Are you having fun!?” Chris screamed. “What?” I heard him perfectly well, but he will just yell louder. “Are you. Having. Fun?” People across the room looked at him in confusion with their heads slightly cocked to the side like a bass player in a metal video from the late nineties. I looked around the […]

(un)titled halloween

the mist gathers at the feet of the tombstones a swirling fog obscuring the brown grass the weatherfaded plastic flowers left in half-hearted memoriam the moon casts a baleful glare down upon the cemetery cold uncaring as the scene of loss becomes a cloud of distant malaise a single howl shakes the too silent land […]


with shaky hands he grabs the knife cutting through scooping out the slimy innards to be tossed in the trash with yesterday’s hope with blurred vision he stabs leaving jagged triangles for eyes an open wound to breath through before slowly sawing a perpetual grin he is covered in sweat gore the rancid scent of […]