my heart plays like a dusty record worn grooves too deep for the needle to pick up silent stretches in the midst of melody cracks and pops now embedded into the memory of song oh had you heard the once vibrant music play echoing along the corridors of yesterday a symphonic structure so full of […]


i had thought i left my heart in the twentieth century a relic of days gone it was in a flannel, listening to the pixies when I packed my bags and moved to the deep south it was stoned and watching clerks i didn’t expect i would need it again it found me, had stickers […]

irregular tapping for you

i thought my heart was in a state of arrhythmia, my head aches and my mind only seems capable of focusing on her out sequence throbbing in my veins i rest two fingers in wrist and try and call my nerves two quick pulses one quick one long two quick three long three quick one […]


my heart is a canary in a cage, my hands those of a coal miner, sooty black and covered in callouses i carry the cage in front of me, looking for signs of poisonous gas, when the canary dies i soon will follow, it’s a game we play every single day, walking the derelict shafts […]

lovely day for a funeral

she pulled up in a hearse the windows tinted nearly opaque and as she climbed out, her legs in torn stockings and scuffed black heels on her feet, a veil covering her face to hide the running mascara with only her quivering lips exposed the black dress tight and showing off her body and not […]


In response to Awesome Lauren, who is amazing she is prone to falling fast and hard in the blink of an eye and she breaks just as easily told me she has a heart of glass always trying to put the pieces back together again but she’s wrong her heart is made from diamond the […]