lovely day for a funeral

she pulled up in a hearse

the windows tinted nearly opaque

and as she climbed out, her legs in torn stockings and scuffed black heels on her feet, a veil covering her face to hide the running mascara with only her quivering lips exposed

the black dress tight and showing off her body and not at all appropriate for the business at hand

whatever business that was to begin with

i just stood and watched her, knowing it was wrong but i couldn’t help but imagine how much better that dress would look crumpled on the floor next to the bed

those sexy legs in the air, or over my shoulders, or wrapped around me

and she saw me staring and turned that veiled gaze towards me

see anything you like

i just let the smoke of the cigar roll on my tongue as i watched her

well, do you

i slowly looked her up and down, the tears in those stocking showing hints of the pleasure they accentuate

doesn’t seem like the right time for a talk like this

she just stared for a long moment and then slumped, nearly folding in on herself

i watched liquid black drip down her cheeks

when is the right time

i shrugged

who died

she looked back at the hearse then at me

no one

i puffed the cigar and watched her for a minute trying to figure out the game

then what’s the big to do

she walked to the back of the hearse and opened the door

i watched her as she bent over and reached in

the view from the back as great as the front

she pulled out a shoe box and walked over towards me

what’s this

her full lips bent into a wry smile

open it

so i did

inside was a heart, wrapped in baby’s breath, still warm and beating softly

this your’s

the smile grew and became dazzling

once upon a time

as she smiled it beat a little faster

what are you planning on doing with it

she shrugged

it’s been beaten and abused and was sent back so many times i’ve decided to bury it in a pit, it’s worthless to me

why, you want it

my turn to shrug

i turned and opened the door and grabbed the cigar box from the end table and passed it to her

i don’t smoke

i smiled

in that dress you do

her cheeks, as far as i could see darkened with a rush of blood

she opened it and let out a gasp

the heart in the cigar box beat a little faster at the sound

this yours

i nodded

what are you planning on doing with it

i looked up at the sky

birds wheeling about, the sun peeking out from behind the thick gray clouds that had taken over most of the real estate

don’t know

she pulled back the veil and i was mesmerized by her reddened blue eyes

lovely day for a funeral

and it was i decided

the hearts in their respective boxes beating faster and faster

shame to use two boxes

she nodded

probably wouldn’t hurt to use just one

i looked down at my basketball shorts and t-shirt

i’m not really dressed for one though

she smiled and the mascara on her cheeks made her that much more beautiful to me

no, you’re really not

the shoe box was practically jumping in her hands

care to come inside

she had to hold the box with both hands and visibly fight the damned thing and nodded

i waved to the hearse driver and he tipped his cap and pulled away as i held the door for her

after you

she curtsied and we both laughed

i poured her a glass of whiskey and myself a double

she set the box on the floor and it bounced it’s way out of the room

we talked and talked and drank and drank

and that turned into kissing on the couch well into the night

and that turned into


let’s say we never got around to that funeral


much later she leaned on an elbow and looked into my eyes

it was a lovely day for funeral

i nodded, staring at her lovely face

it was

she nodded, running her hand over my beard

always tomorrow

and in the other room the box began dancing across the floor again

that’s true


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