bitter black memories

no matter how much money you make how many acres you own the pile of corpses left behind still catch the eye drill for oil for natural gas mine for ore for diamonds take take take take take all we leave behind is the corpse of the only thing sustaining us in the vast emptiness […]

heart search and seizure

the sanguine seas of bitter truthscorn dance languidly across the windows of divine misfortune raven feathers whipped into daggers like malignant scars flutter across barren wastelands of the heart a scourge of amniotic waves amidst the half-truth horrors impregnating themselves across fallow virtues reticent rejoinders bridge past insults to future imperfections like a carpenter beset […]

former revolutionary

it was evolutionary the bleeding out of the revolutionary from the spiral strands of who i was the rubber bullets clouds of pepper spray lost their appeal when it became clear that both sides were the same coin reflections refractions of the same hands moving the chess pieces across the invisible gradient now my anarchist […]