bitter black memories

no matter
how much money
you make
how many acres
you own
the pile of corpses
left behind
still catch the eye

drill for oil
for natural gas
mine for ore
for diamonds

take take take take take

all we leave behind
is the corpse
of the only thing
sustaining us
in the vast emptiness
of space

we are
apex predators
that for all the
know only
the art of death

enriched by plastics
carbon blossoming
into the air above
never quite smart enough
to see
that the cost
is not worth
the temporary satisfaction

soon the animals
will be animatronic displays
in the museums
of whatever
comes after us
we will be a footnote
a war crazed race
that left behind poisons
in place of nature
mass graves
in place of schools
monuments of insignificance
in an effort
to prove our penis
was bigger
than theirs

i sit
enjoying a cup of coffee
wondering when
it will be extinct as well
bitter black memories


7 thoughts on “bitter black memories

  1. Its like we are shitting everywhere and never bother to wipe our arses then complaining why our surrounding is so stinky. (Sorry about the language, I could not articulated anorher way.)

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