i only drink orange juice after brushing my teeth i prefer to shower fully clothed i rarely cringe when a stranger makes eye contact i rarely leave my home i am the sum of all my faults i am the lack of depth perception on a trail lined with rusted barb wire i feel there […]

my therapist

i am my own therapist i over charge over analyze over compensate for the things that are broken inside my therapist says i have unresolved issues from my childhood my therapist says i have not been the same since my dad died my therapist says a lot of things but i choose to ignore him […]


is it any wonder i have abandonment issues when being left is all i have ever known it isn’t me pushing away it is me watching as you run nary a word of explanation just the soft slapping of bare feet on the road leading anywhere but here

chekov and the damnedable gun

he waved that goddamned gun around pointing it at me threatening to shoot me in the head i remembered chekov in my head there are no unnecessary elements to a story if there are they need excised so i told him to just pull the fucking trigger if he was so inclined what difference did […]


you have to deal with your demons one day i make deals with mine everyday stand in clouds of sulfur and divvy up pieces of my soul in exchange for moments of blessed peace they seek to read me but i’m no children’s book with big letters and colorful illustrations i’m more like poe on […]