you have to deal with your demons one day

i make deals with mine everyday

stand in clouds of sulfur and divvy up pieces of my soul in exchange for moments of blessed peace

they seek to read me

but i’m no children’s book with big letters and colorful illustrations

i’m more like poe on a bender of opium in a post word war two russian literature motif

wearing a pincushion of sarcastic needles tipped with neurotoxin

i am a living representation of the voynich manuscript

when someone speaks to me they don’t know if they should laugh, be offended or just hurt

a combination of both is assumed

so deal with your demons and i’ll make deals with my own

i can’t do both


i can barely do one

and i still don’t have a grasp of which i’m capable of

it’s all a terrific bother

most of the time i just bury it all under the skeletons in my figurative closet

behind the ocean of tears

under a tarp of watercolor representations of former loves

next to a shelf of discarded dreams

don’t break the circle on the floor though

it’s the only thing keeping things in check

i’ll probably have to deal with my demons one day

one day i continue to put off until weeks fade to years

years become decades

my demons have children

that have children

that eat child like innocence

growing fat on failures and broken promises

i’ll continue to sand down my own horns

keep my tail tucked into my shorts and cloven hooves in vans

so remember if you try and talk to me

chances are some serious shit is going on in my long car chase into a river of flaming crocodiles

i might be dealing with some new demons that have just reared their ugly heads

or i’m just an asshole

you can choose your own answer

i don’t really care

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