some nights the oneiric insights speak of childhood fears some nights they show me and her the wildflowers heavy on the spring breeze as we lie staring up at the blinking lights her smile more beautiful than any constellation seen by man i learned a long time ago looking backwards is a foolish gambit there […]

comet crashes

my claws knead at this indescribable need a kitten mewling lost just out of step with the tides as she traipses contentedly footprints marking the edge of my tender from the emptiness swelling up from within satisfaction swings into my orbituary but i am no samuel clemens destined for its light twice in a single […]

happy birds beneath petulant skies

the sparrows tap tap tapping at the glass door demanding another poem about her the lady with wildflowers in her perfect smile as i sip coffee contempmating how to wrangle an unruly sea of slippery words the sound of little beaks tap tap tapping at the glass door heads cocked waiting to hear of a […]


cooking in the morning as the sparrows flutter on the porch and in my chest the quiet hopes of a new day blossom the reality not yet quite settled in i have a cup of steaming coffee a head full of your radiant wonder as the vegetables slowly cook the potatoes get chopped and nothing […]