comet crashes

my claws knead at
this indescribable need
a kitten mewling
just out of step
with the tides
as she traipses contentedly
footprints marking
the edge of my tender
from the emptiness
swelling up
from within

satisfaction swings
into my orbituary
but i am no
samuel clemens
destined for its light
twice in a single span

feathers fall
tickling the ivory bones
that jut forth
from broken skin
a pinata dentata
all fang
no lip
paper mache machetes
pretty pastels
a hornet nest
in cartoon demise

regimented regurgitant
beguiled by beauty
brandished like a torch
an allegory to
that never know
the warmth
in heartshattered
barbiturate laden
obituary well wishers

i sup between your
trembling thighs
a man starved
at his last supper
the chorus of golden peals
as another
orgasm rewrites
the lines scribbled carefully
between petaled dream

a kitten
lying in a pool of sun
claws kneading
needing release
as the comet crashes


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