sleepyheaded insolence

i told her
the sun sets in the west
so it can selfishly
spend its last
waking moments
shining upon her
i have never been
so jealous
of that baleful orb
as when it is
night here yet
she is framed in
the dying rays

so i stayed awake
until that cheeky bastard
rose lazily
greeted the sun with
a cup of coffee and
stern disapproval
as the riotous surge
of righteous rage
flooded my system
yet the sun
so starstruck in
its own celestial dismay
ignored me completely

manic in the
early morning hours
bouncing off the
padded walls
of a too quiet house
dealing with a
cataclysm in my skull
softly uttering the words
to oh my darling don’t cry
as every other
rational soul slept

it is too damn early
to be so set on a nap
when i know
i won’t sleep
too late to curse the sky
for a clear day
that only illuminates
the restlessness
of a half baked fool
living metaphorically
in a state of irreversible
my pulse pounding out
morse code missives
a foolish telegram
going nowhere
in double time refrains

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