new constellations (a hint of (un)poetic

do you remember staring at the stars that night lying on the hood of the car, still warm as the chill air surrounded us watching our breath blow clouds into the sky orion’s belt seemed cocked at a funny angle and we laughed that could have been around his feet as lupus and lepus pranced […]

left de(composed)

beethoven’s ninth plays softly in the room as the moon sits lazily in the sky outside on one of those in between kind of evenings that melt away into the many unremarkable events broken by a few magical moments that make the slog semi-worth it at times my mind wanders to her chestnut hair that […]

turned to fell

i asked her did it hurt when you fell? and she gave me a grin replied from heaven? thinking she had heard this one before it was my turn to grin back no, from the pedestal i had placed you on, high above every other her face crumbled like the foundation of respect i had […]

no reflection

she asked me what i see when i look at her i told her the truth my every wish and fantasy given form i asked what she saw when she looked at me she smiled i guess she answered a mirror over the years i must have gotten tarnished because she was still the same […]

tiny anchors

she folded me like a letter she no longer needs to read stuffed me into the back of the drawer with the musty reminders of days gone by i told myself she was saving me for a day when things had changed when i would be important or at least not quite so bittersweet when […]


my heart was a ukulele handcrafted for her delicate fingers yet in a fit of rage the strings all were snapped now it is but a piece of wood left discarded with the rest of the trash memories of it’s song like spiderwebs in the corner of the room

(un)titled thought LIII

in hindsight which rumor has it is twenty/twenty we fell apart because we loved each other too strongly at first grew addicted to that feeling chased it until we realized it was only accessible with someone new but we made a spectacular impact and left a beautiful crater we will always have that

but still

i have good memories of the us that used to live but there are enough bad ones to make them taste sour so i keep the good ones locked away who needs them tainting the day

hello(good bye)

the sweetest word i ever heard was when she said hello that first time it was to my dismay when eventually she murmured good bye we said many words between some in love some in anger more than a few in the throes of passion but it was her hello that first caught in my […]

not meant to last

your love is like spring you sweep in and the earth comes to life at your every glance your gentle touch i thrived under your rains your love for me is the promise of better days to come and shedding layers of clothes as the winds turn warm sprouted from my hidden lair under the […]

half day

i see them walking to their car holding hands and smiling they seem like the perfect couple, so very in love, a dream to behold i hear them at night screaming at each other another piece of glass shattering on the wall above me the passion turns to hate when the eyes are off of […]

on sparrow wings

sparrows filled the air around us she stared at them in awe i stared at her in sorrow she caught my glance and raised an eyebrow in confusion i warned her not to fall in love with me it would only lead to pain and as she realized the truth of my words, the sky […]

my juliet

my juliet, she hit the panic button, and then she ran away all the stories, the ones that seemed made up, became all too real that day she looked me in the eye, and said she’s sorry, but she doesn’t feel the same way she sat me down on the couch, with teary eyes, and […]

her personal museum of once upon a times

she’s become a curator tiny exhibits laid out with what was once great care a fine layer of dust adorns them now like the first snow of the season when the ground is just not quite frozen she can barely remember the names just a certain resonance from each diorama here’s what’s his face sneaking […]

co-dependence day

it was independence day last year when we plastered on our fake smiles for the final time the scrambling to hold the pieces of us together had worn us past the point of our flames exhaustion we swam and did the things normal people do while denying the cracks in the facade were canyons, insurmountable […]

matter of time

the light turned on but her pupil never shifted the light turned on and flooded the room with incandescent brilliance, illuminating all, casting shadows in the corners in her eyes the light has gone off flickering fluorescents cast a yellow pall upon her body, the lack of chest movement indicating what was gone from the […]