my juliet

my juliet, she hit the panic button, and then she ran away

all the stories, the ones that seemed made up, became all too real that day

she looked me in the eye, and said she’s sorry, but she doesn’t feel the same way

she sat me down on the couch, with teary eyes, and i had to look away

i took my heart down to the pawn shop, and i traded it away

i bought some bubble gum and baseball cards to wile the pain away

i thought she was the one, but she wasn’t, i realized that today

she had found someone new, someone true, and her feelings went away

my juliet, she wasn’t juliet, or she wouldn’t have gone astray

and now my heart, it stopped beating, and this pain will not go away

i wasn’t romeo, just a nobody, without lines in this play

i was just scenery, like a rock or tree, i had nothing left to say

i pass that pawn shop sometimes in the night, then i quickly drive away

no more a capulet or montague, i wonder what the bard would say

would he pen a sonnet, or brush me off, tell me to go away

he’s far too important to hear all this shit, i guess i should just walk away

oh my juliet, she was my juliet, until i heard her say

she’s not that in to me, it’s plain to see, there is nothing in the way

she found her romeo, my juliet, and now that is where she’ll stay

she’s not stuck with me, not for eternity, and so she ran away

the pawn shop is closed, the bars are down, no shopping there today

i got a decent deal, perhaps the wound will heal, the pain will go away

i walk around, my head hangs down, no sunshine comes my way

until i find the one, my true juliet, not the one that got away

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