to edgar

i listenin the silencefor thattelltale hearthis glass eyestaring at mein dreamwhile he beggedme to not placethe last brickbefore the housesplit asunderand all that remainedwas the windcalling her namethe ravens peckingat the dooras the nobles burncovered in pitchbeneath the chandelierof gold bugsand apescommiting crimesmasques and amontilladoall swirlin the madnessthat itchesthe back of my brainin poem and […]

teatime dissonance

the candle burns down the rivulets of wax long since spilled over the brass holder as tendrils of manic dream to slowly encroach upon the blank vellum where the quill sits untouched for the last hour a fevered thought races from all angles of diseased angels falling like dying stars to crash into the dry […]