teatime dissonance

the candle burns down
the rivulets of wax
long since
spilled over
the brass holder
as tendrils
of manic dream
to slowly encroach
upon the blank vellum
where the quill sits
for the last hour
a fevered thought
from all angles
of diseased angels
like dying stars
to crash
into the dry land
with whimpered impacts
the majesty
long since burnt out
around me

the fickle flame
of forgotten fables
the failing flesh
of feeble flagellation

the hunger
consuming rationality
in licking tongues
of avarice and desire

as the slow spire
of smoke rises
the blackened wick
the light finally failing
to illuminate
the darkness
that growls within
no words shall mar
the edges of this
still madness reigns
the teatime dissonance
that regulates
the harmony
of the pain wracked


14 thoughts on “teatime dissonance

      1. Do you think he’s down there ringing the bell to let us know hes secretly alive down there and wishes to come up for some tea?

        Liked by 1 person

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