war(n)ing labels

poets should come with warning labels skull and crossbones printed on their pretty little tongues danger! in all caps (you’ll have to imagine that) a list of possible effects may cause: prose odes insufferable longing madlypassionatelove desire dreams hopes and most importantly: once you’ve become a poet’s words how do you ever want to be […]

soon forgotten

the poets sit at a table fellating each other while rolling their eyes smoking cigarettes passing silent judgement while spewing lies bunch of sycophantic swine with no regard for truth less for beauty pouring wine across the sheet pretending they are real poets when they have never known more than a moment’s misfortune never felt […]


subdermal hemotoma left in the act of calling it making love by inviting violence inciting emotional responders like a nine one one call to the cosmos but only getting a busy signal no cellular service in this dead stretch of ocean no current to sweep another corpse away left to float listlessly until the ravens […]

that’ll show them

oh the constipated horror of it all this half digested mess in my mind these sloppy words that won’t come out and play no matter how i coax them with tales of wine and women and song no these bastards are unwilling to come down from the rafters where they roost upside down like great […]