i like chilly rainy nights for some reason the words like to play on the falling drops there is a song if you listen closely between the inevitable spatters a symphony with impossible notes nestled within a place of comfort sanctuary in the sullen drizzle a place for monsters to dance between the drops.

it went quiet

then there was nothing i could hear my heart wheezing as it forced sludge in repetition through corroded vascular nonsense it went quiet the lights went out the room went empty again nothing fills four walls of hell the steady drip of sorrow onto bare chested regret they are gone the rest is meaningless there […]

still carry a beeper (metaphorically at least)

feel more eyes upon me daily unblinking orbs all around speak to me please i’m no boogeyman’s apprentice not a creature to be feared just don’t make eye contact known to give myself away for a few moments of interconnected ocular gazing so many new faces i’ve yet to see to caress gently with words […]


willingly of my own volition i raise the dagger and plunge it into my own chest sacrificing of myself giving this unholy torment scraping my own hands across the jagged broken pieces of my mind heart soul to the four winds i cry out the waters above and below separated by the twisted hands of […]