moon and i

the moon reflects off the wing much like how i reflect off of you a ruddy dull glow that never quite captures the beauty of the original

truthful reflection

staring into a broken mirror gives a more accurate reflection of what i look like than staring into a pristine one but none as good as the reflection in the river constantly moving the person staring back changes by the millisecond

there was nothing

in the mirror when i woke up this morning i looked twice but my reflection didn’t come into the room luckily i know what i look like so i knew i wasn’t missing much later as i drank coffee i saw him again i liked it better when he was missing


in the daily life of erratic crossings and insignificant interactions it is almost unruly to one’s sense of self when another falling star intersects and the stark similarities of pain resonate, somehow pulling two indistinct patterns into focus in a fury the carefully built bomb shelter of emotional walls crumble and you find yourself naked […]


back in the day if you were talented some rich fool would give you housing pay your habits all in the name of art you could have sex with the servants the daughters wine soaked debauchery as long as you put out consistent pieces nowadays we scramble and write and pour our souls out and […]


as a kid i thought hamburger and hot dog buns were restaurant things fancy and specially made we used white bread and eat fast before the mustard and pickles make it fall apart to this day i’m indifferent to them seem extraneous with a tall glass of kool aid or tea brewed in a glass […]