in the daily life of erratic crossings and insignificant interactions it is almost unruly to one’s sense of self when another falling star intersects and the stark similarities of pain resonate, somehow pulling two indistinct patterns into focus

in a fury the carefully built bomb shelter of emotional walls crumble and you find yourself naked and shivering, exposed, a mass of writhing scar tissue and still gently weeping wounds

what you found so ugly and disgusting in the mirror is now reflected and beautiful and pristine, it isn’t that tangle of disconnected distress you see looking back, no, the other side of your coin is so much more

it is the incredible, indelible mark of becoming more than the past hurt, it is strength and joy and sorrow, whisked together on a knife edge and made into colors you never imagined existed, that pull you deeper in and fill your darkness with innocence and wonder

and in that instant, all the distant memories rush forth and instead of crushing you to paste, they lift and reshape you into something more, you shed the skin of tired regret and stand a little straighter, a little bit bolder

and for a moment

just one

it is all worth it

and that is enough to keep you going, even for another day

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